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This Christian Faith and Lifestyle blog aimed at building your convictions and helping Christians grow in the knowledge of Christ and who we are as believers.

I have put together some amazing content on Bible study, relationships, and faith in general. So, feel free to browse through, enjoy, be edified and spread the good news to everyone. And whatever you do, “Let your light shine so bright that men will see your good works and glorify ypur Father in Heaven” -Matthew 5:16

Hope you enjoy your stay here and subsequently, join in on this faith journey.

Love and light, Anesii xx

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Hi, I'm Anesii

I founded this blog with the main purpose of bringing young hearts to Christ. I want to help all Christians understand their faith and bring light to the hearts of men through Christ.

So basically, this blog will cover Christian Faith and Lifestyle, ranging from Bible Study to relationship talks. Feel free to subscribe and follow me on social media.

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The Believer's Reality

My Pastor Once Said,

“If faith in God is foolish, may I never be wise.”

And it’s the same for me.

Dear Believer,

You are loved by God and nothing or no one can take you away from Him.

Dear Believer,

God abides in you, you are His temple. Live like His temple.

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