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Is God truly good? The Merciful Judge

Is God Truly Good? | The Merciful Judge

Have you ever been to a courtroom where a person is found guilty and yet, instead of the judge sentencing them to a number of years in prison or giving them any sort of punishment, this person is told to do a certain thing that would prevent the person from serving any sort of punishment. Weird right? It doesn’t happen because you can only be set free when you’re not found guilty.

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Thirteen Commentary
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Hi hi! I hope you’re doing great, as I am. If you haven’t read Chapters 11 and 12, you can do so here and here. And if you haven’t been following, I got you too. I have compiled all the chapters in one place and you can view and choose any of your choice here. Remember to always read in context. Let’s dive straight into Romans 13. Romans 13:1– Higher …

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Eleven Commentary
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Romans 11- Salvation for all men Romans 11:1– Paul tells the Jews that they aren’t excluded from salvation. They may have thought that since the Gentiles could get saved, they wouldn’t be a part of God’s plan anymore, but Pail tells them it’s not so. 11:2-5– Paul reminds them how God had preserved 7,000 people in the days of Elijah at the time when Paul wrote the book of Romans. …

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Nine Commentary
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Romans 9 Study & Commentary 9:1-2– Paul had sorrow in his heart for the unbelieving Jews and he was letting them know. 9:3-5– Paul says he would be willing to be cut off from Christ if that would save the Jews, but we know that in itself is not possible because it is only through grace they can be saved and not by any man’s works, also you cannot be …

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Six Commentary
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A Guide to Romans Study and Commentary || Chapters 6 & 7

Now in Romans 6 and 7, we would talk about how we could stop sinning while in grace. Chapters 1-3 talk about how all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. And in Chapters 4 and 5, Paul preaches grace.  ROMANS 6 STUDY AND COMMENTARY 6:1-2– Answering the question asked at the end of Chapter 5: “Shall we continue to sin that grace may abound?” Paul answers …

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Four Commentary
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A Guide to Romans Bible Study and Romans Commentary || Chapter 4

Chapter 3 ends on the note saying that it is the law of faith that enables us to fulfill the law and Chapter 4 encompasses GRACE. So far, Paul has pointed out the fact that salvation is by faith and faith alone, he talks about the ungodly nature of men who have chosen to have reprobate minds and how God has given them up to their reprobate minds. In Chapter 3, we see Paul talk of 2 categories of people; the Jews and the Gentiles. The Jews were the people whom God had given the laws and told His promise, for this they felt like a special kind of people, judging others and being hypocritical. The second set of people, the Gentiles, were the ones who did not know or serve God and were regarded as outsiders and not God’s people. But Paul tells us that all the people, Jew or non-Jew had all fallen short of the glory of God, none was good and all needed saving. And this salvation could only come through faith and not works. In Chapter 4, he uses 2 examples to support his statement, Abraham and David.

Understanding Romans_ Chapter Two Commentary
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A Guide to Romans Bible Study and Romans Commentary || Chapters 2 & 3

Romans Chapter 2 talks about how the Jews seem to judge others because they think they have a special relationship with God, teaching and instructing the ignorant but yet, do not practice what they preach. He simply points out the fact that the law is not what makes us right with God What then does? Let’s look at Chapter 3.