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How To Set Goals in 2020 and Smash 'Em

How To Set Goals in 2020 and Smash ‘Em

It’s January 2nd, 2020 and I have to ask, do you know how to set goals for 2020 and smash ’em? Yesterday, on my Instagram, I posted a photo and this was the caption: The only thing keeping you apart from your resolutions is dreams. Wake up! You’ve written down your goals for the year, hopefully it’s not just for 2 weeks. You’ve got to know that a new year …

Understanding Romans_ Chapter One Commentary
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Bible Study and Commentary || ROMANS 1

The book of Romans is the longest and the clearest exposition by the Apostle Paul on the Gospel. This book contains the doctrinal foundation for the Christian faith, and it is for this reason that it was arranged first in order among the New Testament epistles. The truths presented here must be understood before proceeding to other doctrinal matters. In this letter, Paul dealt with a larger number of doctrinal issues than in any other of his epistles. His treatment of the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith was so masterfully done that its divine inspiration cannot be questioned.